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WE ARE MODERN NATURE Our mission is to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based 100% Vegan Hair Products, Hair transforms in ONE wash!

What would you do if I told you a bottle of Shampoo could change your life?

Monat Hair Products that Work!
  I wanted to share a little bit about the products them self and why I use Monat myself. Have you ever thought about what exactly goes into your everyday shampoo? Did you know most of the shampoos today have harmful chemicals that do more harm than good! If you are interested to learning about Monat please keep reading. One of the first things someone may ask is why are Monat products so expensive, and how long do they actually last you. If you did not know this, I will tell you now that most shampoos you are using today contain 80% water, they are diluted so much with water, you are only paying for 20% of actual product. With Monat you are paying only for product, Monat products are so concentrated-a bottle of shampoo will last you twice to three times as much as regular shampoo would.

What Are Monat Hair Products?
Monat Hair Products are the new anti aging hair products that you can not find anywhere else. Monat hair products are natural based meaning that Monat says no to parabens, sulfates, DEA/ MEA, Phalates, PEG, Harsh Salt Systems, Silicons, Harmful Colors or Fragrances. You might ask what make’s Monat Hair Products so unique? The answer to that lies in Monats rich formulations that make these naturally based ingredients work together in harmony, Below is little bit of science behind Monat.

Monat products contain 3 key ingredients that make all the difference for your hair.

Capixyl- Powered with Red Clover Extract  is a gentle emollient that helps reduce scalp inflammation and strengthens the hair and same time thickens it. Capixyl also hydrates the scalp to stimulate noticeable hair growth.
Procataline- is a Pea Extract–a source of secondary Metabolites which help deliver nutrients to promote hair growth.
*Helps reduce hair loss
*Protects against environmental damage
*Protects the natural pigment in the hair follicles
*Keeps a healthy environment for hair growth.
Crodasorb- Helps to protect from the suns damaging rays and uvb damage. Crodasorb also provide defense against oxidative stress and locks in moisture preserving hairs natural pigmentation.

Benefits Of Monat!
There are a lot of benefits from using Monat Hair Products and here are just some that men and woman noticed.
-46% increase in hair growth
-48% decrease in dht hormone that contributes to hair loss
-35% increase in hair follicle strength
-70% increase in repair effect improving hair anchoring
-76%increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size
-58% decrease in fiber breakage
-88% increased manageability
-55%reduced breakage and brittleness
-100% increased natural shine

Who Can Use Monat Products?
Monat products can be used by  anyone  even children, I love the smell of the products and how the hair feels and looks after. If you are unsure if the products are for you then feel free to try out a sample and see for your self.